ladies' haircut $23
young ladies' haircut $16
blowdry and style $16
braids $22
formal style $40
flatout $22
color $42
semi/demi – permanent color $32
corrective color $80
fashion color $25
highlight $47
Crown highlight $27
lowlight $47
glossing treatment $20
clarifying treatment $15
moisturizing treatment $10
keraTriplex treatment $30
permanent straightening $250
relaxer $62
texture curl $52
spiral texture curl $77


gentlemen's haircut $14
highlight $27
gray reduction $22
clarifying treatment $15
edge trim $6

Hair Removal:
eyebrow shaping $10
men's unibrow shaping $5
lip or chin $5
eyebrow, lift & chin $15
fingers or hands $10
underarm $25
half arm $25
full arm $30
half leg $30
full leg $45
toes $10
chest $35
Naval $15
back $40

All prices are estimates and may vary due to size
of area being treated. Hair removal of larger areas
may require a few visits for favored results.

manicure $15
spa manicure $20
French manicure $10
reg manicure with shellac $30
shellac change (removal and application) $25
shellac applied $15
shellac removal $10
paraffin treatment $5
nail art $10

Birthday party
stylin' sassy
2 hours $199 (price based on nine guests)

Pretty as a picture
3 hours
includes a photo shoot $249  (price based on nine guests)

Family will be provided with personalized invitations, each guest will receive glossy lips, a mini manicure and an updo while the birthday guest opens presents. Cake is served next. The guests will then get dressed and perform a runway show.

Our party favors are packed full of fun items and are available for a minimal fee.


Utopia is our standard bed consisting of 28 lamps that admit UVA rays to bronze your skin.
Oasis is our ultimate bed consisting of 32 lamps that emit a proprietary phosphor blend of UVA and UVB rays to ignite a deeper and glowing bronze.

Individual sessions:
Utopia $7
oasis $9

Weekly sessions:
Utopia $14
oasis $17

Monthly sessions:
Utopia $39
oasis $49

10 visits:
Utopia $44
oasis $54

– plus federal tax

We are pleased to offer discounted premium and elite packages if you opt to sign up for our automated payment program.

Premium Utopia ($40 sign up fee) $25
premium oasis ($75 sign-up fee) $35
elite Utopia ($99 sign-up fee) $10
elite oasis ($149 sign-up fee) $20
– plus federal tax